Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders for the fiscal year (period) ending 1400/31/31 Joven Agro-Industrial Company

Extraordinary General Assembly of the shareholders of the company, based on the advertisement published in the Cadal system on 1399/09/16 regarding the invitation to the Extraordinary General Assembly at 08:00 on Thursday, 1399/09/27 at the company’s headquarters located in the city of Joven , Was held above the Niqab railway station of Joven Agro-industry Company and decided on the agenda of the following meetings.
Agenda: Changing the subject of activity of the members of the board: Based on the voting done in the general assembly, the members of the board were elected as follows: Mr. / Mrs. Gholamreza Mohammadpour Moghaddam as the chairman of the assembly. Mr. / Mrs. Ali Akbar Saleh as the Secretary of the Assembly. Decisions taken in relation to the agenda: Pursuant to the resolution of the Extraordinary Assembly, the subject of the company’s activity The appendix is ​​changed