This company was registered in February 1975 (No. 1971) under No. 24120 in the Companies Registration and Industrial Property Office of Tehran under the name of Joven Sugar Production Company, then in December 1976 it was renamed Joven Agro-Industry Company, and Again in 2001 (2001) it became the name of Joint Agro-industry General Joint Stock Company and now continues its activities with a capital of 745.524.000.000 Rials (divided into 7.455.240.000 shares).

Company Subject:

Establishment of sugar factory and its operation in order to produce sugar and by-products and purchase of raw materials and sale of factory products and all related commercial and industrial affairs, as well as activities in agriculture and animal husbandry, gardens, etc. related to issues The above activity.

The main activities of Joven Agro-industry Company:

Joven Agro-industry Company is currently operating in several major areas, the most important of which are:

Sugarcane factory with a capacity of 5,000 tons of sugar beet consumption per day
Joven citric acid plant with an annual production capacity of 20,000 tons
Public sector agriculture (for the purpose of sugar beet production and the establishment of various mechanization stations in different areas for the delivery of sugar beet to contractors
Planting autumn beets in Golestan province and providing services to contractors
Production of seeds of corn, wheat, etc. with the best quality
Construction of 5000 ton cold storage

The most important products of this company and its satellite units for sale are:

Sugar 50 kg, citric acid in 2 grades of monohydrate and anhydrose, molasses, pulp, all kinds of labeled seedlings, white and red meat, milk, cereals, fodder corn, alfalfa, summer crops and all kinds of corn seeds – wheat – alfalfa and … ،

Garden products such as:

Types of grapes, almonds, stone fruits and seeds, seedlings with labels of fruitful and non-fruitful trees, agricultural implements and …