Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders on 07-01-2021

With regard to the capital increase license with the license number DPM-IOP-99A-172 dated 09/26/1399, the Extraordinary General Assembly of the shareholders of the company, based on the announcement published in the Cadal system on 10/01/2016 regarding the invitation to the General Assembly Extraordinary meeting was held at 08:00 on Thursday, 10/18/2016 at the company’s headquarters located in the city of Joven, above the Niqab railway station of the Joven Agro-industry Company and decided to increase the capital. Based on the voting done in the meeting. The General Assembly, the members of the Board of Directors were elected as follows: Mr. / Mrs. Gholamreza Mohammadpour Moghaddam as the Chairman of the Assembly. Mr. / Mrs. Amir Safari Shad as the Supervisor of the Assembly.