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Factory capacity

Company shares

History of sugar factory

Company titles and honors
  • Sample Agro-industry Company in 1399

  • Selected green industry of Khorasan Razavi in 2014

  • Sample unit of product quality and standard standards of the province in 2007

  • Sample unit of the country by the Ministry of Health in 2006

  • Selected green industry in the years 1381 and 1383

  • The largest sugar beet factory in the country

  • The largest citric acid plant in the Middle East

  • Industrial sample unit in 2005

  • Model company in 2003 in the field of environmental protection among sugar

  • Has the golden badge of research and development and the crystal ball of R&D

  • Has ISO 9001 Version 2000 quality management certification

  • Environmental certification from Lloyds UK ISO 14001 Version 1996

Company Subject

Establishment and operation of a sugar factory for the production of sugar and by-products and purchase of raw materials and sale of factory products and related commercial and industrial affairs, as well as activities in agriculture and animal husbandry and business operations and investment related to the topics of activity Is above.

The company is located next to the Tehran-Mashhad railway, Niqab station, which is one of the most important railway stations in Joven. Passes which is one of the privileges of this company.

Pursuant to the Extraordinary General Assembly dated 1379/3/23, Joven Agro-Industry Company (Private Joint Stock Company) was changed to Joven Agro-Industry Public Joint Stock Company. At present, the company’s capital is 421 billion Rials.

The main activities of Joven Agro-industry Public Joint Stock Company are in the form of 9 companies, 2 factories and 1 university unit.

Units of the company

Jovin Agro-industry Company in February 1975 in the Companies Registration and Industrial Property Office of Tehran under number 24120 in the name of Jovin Production Sugar Company …

Barakat Joven Agricultural Unit started working with the approach of production, research and promotion of strategic agricultural products in 1999. This unit with 107 rings …

The largest citric acid plant in the Middle East – Equipped with world-class automation system – pioneer in environmental protection using IC reactor…

Movahed Gostaran Jovin Livestock Unit as the first satellite unit of Jovin Agro-industry Company with the aim of developing and investing in the livestock sector …

New Technologies Unit

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Seed birth unit

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btekar Joon Technologies Machinery Unit was established on April 11, 1999 and in the field of manufacturing machinery for food and pharmaceutical industries …

Gardens unit

This unit was established in June 1995; After the privatization of the Joven Agro-industrial Complex and the transfer of its shares to the dear Basijis and martyrs of Khorasan …

This unit, which was previously a special joint stock company of Sabzevar Sarbadaran Hotel, to provide services to engineers and consultants, as well as to earn money …

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